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How Need, Wants, Demand is important for Business ?

Need Wants And Demand are the primary driving force for taking action to engage with your brand and obtain your products or services.

In General, we know that

Need - Human needs are basic requirements and include food, shelter clothes without these Human can't survive.


A need is a consumer desire for a product's or service's having certain advantages that be functional or emotional


Wants are requests directed to specific types of items.


Demand is the requests for the particular product that the buyer is willing to pay and the ability to pay that needs or wants.

Demand analysis

Demand analysis is a very important part of business, demand analysis is the process of understanding the consumer demand for products or services in the potential market that you target.

Companies use demand analysis techniques to determine if they successfully enter a market and generate expected revenue and profit to expand their business operations.

Thus, according to me to understand customer need wants are important.

Dev Jain Founder,We Digital Entrepreneur
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